Friday, 30 October 2015

more of a graceful collapse

it's friday night and i have to admit i am not charging into the weekend in any way - i feel more like i am slumping over the finish line. except there is no finish line - why do we even use this as a metaphor? it never bloody ends and it never will end until you do. happy friday everyone!

so yes its been a rather sloggy old week and i have been fighting the existentialisms. for some reason they are always accompanied by a feeling of failure for not being more ambitious. the cognitive dissonance in these two complaints should be a clear signal that these feelings probably have more to do with not having enough vitamin d or sleep or coming down with a cold or something than any life critique but it all seem so plausible at the time.

young f made me laugh this week though - "we have a new blanket" he said, showing me a beautiful grey plush throw. "my daddy said it was made of old cats sewn together but my mummy said he was only joking." i love how he felt compelled to give me both sides of the story. he cares a lot about fairness and i really like that about him. when we watch telly together he brings me one of his teddies so i have one too. of course then he looks over and cackles and says "let's smell their bottoms!" he is only 4 after all. in case you are wondering,  teddy bottoms smell much like the rest of them.

that's probably a better metaphor than finishing lines, come to think of it.


Geosomin said...

It sounds like F is turning out to be a wonderful little man.