Sunday, 5 April 2015

lazy long weekend

the sun came out today. finally. it's been awhile. we walked into town, through the antique market (first sunday of every month), and down to the anchor where we had a pint in the sunshine. the wind is still a bit brisk but you could feel the sun for the first time and it felt good.  walking back we passed this thames barge. i love the green fields through the sails. this is the sort of thing i will miss about kent when we finally move back to canada.

n has a gig this evening so we had our easter lunch with friends yesterday (you WILL eat lamb at easter in england. it is the law) and were suitably demure this morning as a result. i begged off the gig and have spent a delightful evening sewing on my new machine!! I made a box bag. it's a bit wonky but i don't care. however - sewing is really false advertising isn't it? it's way more ironing than sewing. i really really hate ironing. it may be the early death knell for this whole sewing fad i am currently consumed by.

one more day of this lazy bliss before reality starts taking chunks out again. i am almost as excited about this as humph is for his morning walks:
"walk! walk! walk! cmon! get off the sofa! WAAAALLLLLLLLKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!

have a good weeekend my friends


Geosomin said...

Pick things with curvy bit and then you don't have to iron. Much...