Friday, 6 March 2015

6 march - on my mind

or in this case - quite literally on humph's mind:

this is his beaver stuffie. although it is old it is currently stuffie number one. it doesn't squeak anymore, but that is immaterial as he just cuddles it and nibbles off all its fur. quite the noise, fur-nibbling. pervasive. unique. i suppose we should be grateful that nothing else makes that sound.

on my mind is spring (the hopeful advent of - perhaps tomorrow? the met office says a high of 12 but faversham weather station has gone all out and is predicting 18), what to make for dinner tomorrow night when friends of ours are coming over (roast chicken i think, with chestnut soup to start and an elderflower cake to appease the nascent spring), whether or not it is a good idea to have more wine when i have to run tomorrow morning (or more accurately, how much more wine i can have before i will seriously regret it in the morning), and, more generally, the link between time and money and the rather more emphatic results of decisions made on theoretical principles.

happy friday peoples x