Tuesday, 9 December 2014

best laid plans...


it's tuesday evening and my lovely lovely mother arrives from canada tomorrow at heathrow at 630 am.

that part was planned.

coming down with the go-straight-to-bed-do-not-pass-go-do-nothing-but groan-and sleep-and-shiver-and sweat-for-several-days flu on saturday was not planned. i am on the mend, but not quite there.

now it seems that n may have caught it too - i've sent him and his sudden-onset fever up to bed.  the plan (don't you love how i keep using this word?) is to get up at 4 and leave by 445 to make heathrow on time but we'll see if the poor fella can even drive tomorrow. we rented a car and everything. plans, eh?

well, what can you do? if he's too ill, i'll hop a train and be a little late and will try not to think about the money on train fares and the rental car sitting in the drive. (ha ha i just corrected that from "renal car" - see? it could always be worse!)

and anyways tomorrow my mom will be here! in 9 hours! and so what if we're sick and the house is a bit messy. it's almost christmas and we're going to be together.

i need to go to bed now. i plan to get a good nights sleep....