Wednesday, 3 April 2013

of hats

it snowed today. again. not interesting, sticking-on-the-ground snow, just hovering maliciously in the air snow. ambient temperature is around 2 above celsius, but there's a strong wind straight off the north sea that takes your breath away. trees have budded and stopped dead in their tracks.  daffodils , the ones that have actually bloomed, look like they're seriously reconsidering. and snow in the air. happy april. hey saskatoon - come and get your weather back - he's drunk and ranting about prime ministers cavorting with pandas or something.

so i did the only rational thing and knit a hat. you know, to practice my colour work (ha ha ha).

it's a great pattern - looks all harlequin from the side:

and from the top makes a star:

 and looks so cute from the front ;)

take that, winter. now unhand spring. NOW.


Geosomin said...

Nice hat there mate. :)
I claim no responsibility for this snow. And if we get anymore here as they say we might tomorrow you'll likely hear me ranting all the way over there.
It's an odd snowy melting fury at the moment here...I was hoping for a bit of spring over there. Perhaps I'll have to wait...