Tuesday, 10 July 2012

(got) better

well my bed plan didn't really work out. it's surprisingly difficult to stay in bed for a whole day. you need collaborators in order to achieve that kind of longevity. i have a dog who whined every time i turned over (only after the time i'm normally up - he doesn't do that all night!) and a partner who just looked bemused when i asked for provisions. "are you going to stay in there all day?" he asked, and not in a good way. and to be honest, after a book and a half, i started to get a bit bored. it was great while it lasted though.

i'm feeling better now. and productive. i've worked at home today - got loads (of actual work work done, hemmed my new trousers, patched old blue jeans, started a 2 gallon batch of gooseberry wine, and even emailed my oma. yay. doubtless after this spectacular high water mark i will flop into a miasma of unfulfillment for the rest of the week in order to balance it all out.

hope your days have been good to you too -


Geosomin said...

gooseberry? Sounds yummy.

Cherries and blueberries are on sale here at the moment and I decided yesterday that I'm going to start up a few gallons of each this weekend for fun and see how they turn out. I am quite liking winemaking, altho the waiting for the drinking part is rather trying :)

Have been wondering what a nectarine wine would be like...