Tuesday, 1 May 2012


i'm getting married next friday. la di dah di dah. how boring. except apparently it isn't boring. apparently you are supposed to be suffused or something - with some sort of "passion". as far as i can understand, this "passion" is supposed to be solely linked to this "happy day". you are only allowed one. (until you breed, then you get more, as long as you are rich enough). i do not have enough words to describe how much i cannot be arsed with this whole thing. the fact that i love n enough to go through with this charade speaks multiple volumes over any state/church sanctioned ideas about *choke* commitment. argh. if the uk had any legal acknowledgement whatsoever of rights we may have as a couple having lived together - you know - a mere 18 years...we would NOT be reduced to this. and on top of all of this i have had to go shopping as apparently clothes are required. i have been shopping all afternoon, trying desperately to find a pair of jeans a 37 year old can wear without divulging her waxing habits. what is with the skinny jeans???? for the love of god, WHAT??? grrrr. grumpy.


Geosomin said...

Ah hon - don't stress too much about it. Pants are pants - we promise not to check out your ass during the ceremony...much...
We will gather. You will wed. All will be well. :)
Personally, I think skinny jeans are a product of the ever elusive Pentaverate...morale busting efforts to deplete the greater good. Burn them. Wear what you like :)
Very curious to see the cardigan :)
Can't wait to see you!