Sunday, 5 June 2011

lazing on a sunday afternoon

it's been a quiet day. we've been racking wine: 4 gallons of elderflower, 1 gallon of rhubarb, and 3 litres of elderflower cordial. i have had quite enough of elderflowers for this year. i will scream if i have to pick another tiny finicky little flower off of another flower head. that said, i sure love the wine. we made a gluttonous mac and cheese for lunch, did a bit of knitting, wandered down to the pub at the end of the road to see what the band sounded like (3 wings songs in a row - down the pints and move on out). a movie, some popcorn, a bit more knitting...

a lazy pleasure-piggy day .

granted, we are still a bit subdued from n's excellent gig on friday night, then staying up till the wee hours drinking absurd amounts of red wine and laughing the night (and a good chunk of the morning) away with the most amazing (and very funny) m. m & his wife now complete the full set of all my (straight) friends in my age group are either having or have had snappers last year and this. i think it's awfully nice of them all to have lovely babies for me to play with and snuggle (and give back as soon as they cry/shit/pee/throw up). in my opinion, babies are delightful, up to a point (see previous). i do intend to be a great honorary auntie, however. any tips?

and, for your viewing pleasure, a very cute pup, encountered on the way to the anchor last weekend:

happy sunday - have a good week :)


Geosomin said...

Still daydreaming about elderflower wine...what does it taste like?