Sunday, 13 June 2010

another year older...

no wiser, just older. it's 20 to 11 on a sunday and not only am i not in bed, i've just poured another slug of ginger wine. tomorrow real life will crash in - i want to milk this lazy feeling.

i am officially 36 - i do love birthdays but as soon as they're over it's all - well, that wasn't so momentous, was it? 36. seems fake. 29 was like that too, but it seems the entire late 30's share the same unbelievability.

sooooooo.project approved at work so now i finally have something to be getting on with. and i was called late last week by an honest to goodness headhunter (all i could think about were cannibals which did somewhat leak sophistication out of the whole conversation) and we are talking later this week even though i already know i'm going to turn him down. but still. feather fluffing.

knitting: 6 squares and counting
swimming: missed today,but on thursday managed my first length-turn-length. it was inelegant, but it existed.
dissertation: oh god. *whimper* (RALLIES) it will be fine. yes, fine.


Geosomin said...

Eep...I missed the day up at the lake.
Happy Birthday :)
I hope it was a nice one.

Your dissertation will be most excellent.
Oh yes.