Friday, 30 April 2010

she said yes!

after months and months of procrastinating ("i'll just get through this term..." "i'll wait to get this paper back..." "well this is the last term i'll just get this out of the way...") i finally got around to trying to disinvest myself of my assigned dissertation supervisor and getting the one i wanted. and she said yes!

thank you thank you thank you!

now i have alot of work to do as we are meeting on tuesday and i have no idea what the hell i'm writing about and i am supposed to have been thinking about this for the last 2 years.

details details


Geosomin said...

I'm so glad you were able to switch over to someone you like - having a good supervisor for research makes all the difference.
Good luck at the brainstorming...I know it will go well.
The scariest part is the hop in at the start-at least it was for me. That's what made my MSc so have to do all that planning and detail with a research one before you can even start your MSc...eep :) I'm not sure if I'd prefer it your way or not...