Wednesday, 10 March 2010


i'm disgruntled and i have no real right nor reason to be which is not helping. an almost sore throat that won't quite go away and days of carrot sticks and apples do not a gruntle make. or something. go ask aesop.

work - still boring. even though i have a bit more to do i am so used to being bored it's hard to snap out of it. the moment has passed. i'm so over it.

new exercise regime - see sore throat above. although i did walk for ages yesterday which should count.

new resolution to eat only carrot sticks or apples for snacks instead of the calorie festival of carbs i've been entertaining every (boring) afternoon at work - what was i thinking?? no wonder i'm bloody cranky. and i'm still fat and it's been 3 whole days. gruntle gruntle gruntle.

and i can't even drown my sorrows cause it's only wednesday and i will never never get thin(er) if i keep knocking back wine at this rate. you know how long you have to run to burn off a glass of wine? don't - it'll make you cry. srsly. both the knowledge and the running.

and it's still bloody freezing out.

phooeey. ptttttbbbbttt.

that is all.


Geosomin said...

May I suggest a big bowl of oatmeal for breakfast? I'm serious. Don't throw that apple at me!

It helps me keep to healthy snacks without bitchslapping everyone I see...and I love oatmeal.
Hope it warms up there. It's cold and drizzly and awful here too. Not super cold...jsut enough to make you wiish for the sunshine that only appears when I'm stuck indoors working...

Geosomin said...

oh, and sugar snap peas.
bonus -they go well with beer.