Friday, 13 February 2009

stealing from geo

i'm gonna steal geo's meme. is that allowed?

current clothes: an old orange jumper of n's that shrunk, jeans, saturday hair (unwashed), and an old pair of crocs. i am so glam.

current mood: happy-tired with a pinch of foreboding

current music: some programme n's playing with that is reading out the names of planets and stars (i assume as he clicks on something) in a weird, disembodied, posh female voice. her pronunciation is crap.

current annoyance: see above.

current thing: banana bread! comfort food of the highest (lowest?) order. it is in the oven now. we will eat 2 slices, rhapsodize, and then leave it to go moldy on the the kitchen counter. this is not a new thing.

current desk top picture: it's a field. who looks at their desktop??

current book: country of my skull by antjie krog. amazing. the writing is incredible, and what she is writing about is so unimaginably awful. she is a south african poet and journalist, and she covered the truth and reconciliation hearings. this book is her writing about that. i really can't recommend it enough.

current song in head: some classical thing, horn-heavy

current dvd in dvd player: don't have a dvd player, just stream and download. last thing watched was the rachel maddow show from msnbc. last movie watched was fight club. see how current i am?

current refreshment: a rapidly diminishing pint of freeminor honey ale.

current worry: the reading i have yet to start for my class on tuesday. the 4 weeks of work left ahead of me before my jail time is complete. oh yeah, forgot to mention, my contract at work is finishing in a month. this is, my friends, a good thing, believe me.

current thought: gosh darn it, is that banana bread burning?