Tuesday, 30 September 2008

What I WOULD have said

My friend Geo wrote this amazing post which I loved, and I was all fired up and headed straight to the comments section. I was sizzling. I was typing away. I was drawing unique parallels. I "saved my comment". It may be saved somewhere, but not anywhere near Geo's blog, that's for sure.

So I started again (after some wailing and gnashing of teeth). The second time I was brilliant. Even better than before. My asides were charming, my prose witty. I tabbed over to see Geo's orig post, noticed there was another comment, thought "oh maybe my comment saved after all", clicked it, and was taken to comments, BUT MINE WAS GONE!!!! The new window replaced my superlative musings! The window simply regenerated with no thought to what may have been in the works! So, top tip, DON'T DO THIS.

Well, in all good conscious, I couldn't start again. I mean, really, to lose one husband might be careless, but to lose two looks suspicious. Or something.

It has rather been that sort of day.


Geosomin said...

Damn...I'm sure it was brilliant.

Pity I missed it.:)

I love your take on politics and've got a lot of knowledge and background I lack and are very well spoken. Often I tend to just rant about things emotionally. Sometimes it comes out well...othertimes I'm a bit of a nutter. :)