Monday, 25 August 2008


I shouldn't, really
I'm sitting outside, in front of a slowly-dying fire, with the last glass of well-it's-a-school-night-oh-what-the-hell wine.

What the internet is for
I have 19 minutes of battery time left because I've used the rest looking up silly pictures of greyhounds. As you do.

Temporary freedom
Bank holiday weekend here in the UK, so only back to the grind tomorrow.

It's already getting dark - it always throws my timing out this time of year - this is 10pm dark, but it's actually 20:18. sigh.

On the up side, the bats will be out soon. I've always been a bat person. I think they are so beautiful - the way they fly, and twist and turn on a dime. Or a ten pence piece even :)

Yummmmm. Cheese.
Our friends H & J came over as we decided we needed to bbq, summer or no summer. The food was a pulling together of whatever was in the fridge, but it was good. On the menu:
- pita grilled with garlic oil
- halumi, grilled and dressed with lemon and the good olive oil
- tabbouleh
- sausages, English
- sausages, Spanish (chorizo)
- marinated chicken breasts, grilled and shredded for wraps with homemade mayo and salsa (tomatoes, corriander/cilantro, parsley, chillies, lime, red onion)
- stilton and crackers/biscuits
- lashings of red wine

A new leaf
I am going to be so good at work this week - I really am. I'm going to clear all those project left-overs from my completed (a-HEM) projects and clear my slate for all the new stuff that's piling up in the pipeline. That's not just a bad metaphor, it's really the way it works - being the person who does the stuff rather than the person who pontificates about it I am often the last to be officially informed. Even though I'm responsible for delivering multi-million pound projects on time and on budget. Thank god we have a well-oiled gossip infrastructure.

We picked 10 pounds of blackberries today and laid down two more gallons of wine. It is a spectacular year for blackberries this year - the wine gods are smiling upon us.

Vroooom 2
oooh - a bat! *grin*

And so to bed
now I need to go drink at least 2 pints of water, have a bath and go to bed.



Geosomin said...

You sound so absolutely happy and relaxed.
I'm glad :)