Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Ray of sarcastic sunshine

I was on the train into work this morning when I looked down and realised that instead of my planned black wool suit w/ black t-shirt that I thought I was wearing, I was, in fact, wearing the black trousers and t-shirt, with a navy blue texture-stripe-y sort of jacket. Wrong colour, wrong texture, just very wrong. Note to self - open eyes in morning BEFORE exiting. So I had to buy a new shirt at the station.

And the meeting for which I was dressing to impress (or at least not actively repel) went on for three and a half hours, making me late all day. Didn't get home till almost 9, and it's raining. Again.

But then the universe tipped my way when I read the Doonesbury cartoon of the day (I will find and attach :)- they've been repeats for the last while which has caused me to grumble but today's was a repeat of one I wished I had saved - I love it. And there it was!! YAY!

And my new shirt is quite swish, too.


Geosomin said...

Heh..I'd *like* to taunt you...but I can't say this never happened to me.
There's a certain advantage to wearing a lab coat a large part of the time...:)