Friday, 24 September 2010

the knitting idiot

the knitting idiot copies the pattern from the net and does not copy the picture. "who needs the picture?" the knitting idiot asks."i know what it looks like."

the knitting idiot feels something may not be quite right. "i will just keep knitting," the knitting idiot says. "it will work out as the pattern progresses."

this knitting idiot did both the above, not noticing the MASSIVE difference between what was coming off the needles and the 281 pictures of the blanket in ravelry until 38 rows of 125 stitches were completed when finally, unable to quell that nascent knitting gut instinct that had been alternating between screaming and whimpering for the past week, finally looked closely at some of those 281 pictures and had to admit that my blanket looked nothing like them.

not that mine looks bad. no. perhaps, i thought, i can just call this a pattern alteration and keep going. but alas, my knitting gut is having none of it. "knit a swatch" it growled. "knit a PROPER swatch."

the proper swatch is much much better.

and now i have to rip it all out and start again. for the second time.

and i have no one to blame but myself.

knitting. isn't it soothing and relaxing!

excuse me while i retrieve my needles from the windowsill where i've violently hurled them in disgust...


Geosomin said...

This is why I don't knit. I found my sucking at it far outweighed any actual joy or knitted items.

...altho I may have to take it or crocheting up just to make myself some fingerless forearm warmers (whatever they're called). I got a pair last year and I wasn't cold all the time for the first winter in eons...and I've lost one.
I'm hoping I can crochet myself a pair with minimal carnage...

grapecat said...

you are a wise woman. i would do well to emulate you, unfortunately i have the bug now.
if i ever finish this blanket i will knit you a pair of fingerless gloves :) (at this rate, that will be for next winter)